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How do we create value for Wix website users?

We analyze Wix websites and offer several SEO services to increase the visibility of Wix websites and help customers rank higher in search engine results. Quite simply, we increase visibility to maximize the online visibility of our clients and help them achieve their business goals. After our free audit, we offer clients a wide range of SEO services tailored to their needs. Not all SEO is the same. There are many factors that need to be considered in order to be successfully found on the Internet. Our SEO experts know which of these factors trigger the Google algorithm and make your Wix website competitive. This way you can easily generate a new sales funnel and increase your traffic on the site. Here you can see a selection of our SEO services, which will help you to increase your sales

Double your Traffic with our SEO Services

As part of our SEO services, we will audit your website and look for anything that needs to be added or upgraded. Our variety of services help our clients to provide them with the latest techniques from the SEO universe. Here are a few of the key aspects that our SEO company considers.

Keyword Research

The search for the right keywords is the most important thing when it comes to your SEO strategy. We find out which keywords fit your Wix site and push them so that your website gets listed higher in the Google search results.

Competitor Research

We identify your biggest competitors and generate tailored content to help you outrank your competitors. The goal is to boost your Wix website so that customers see your company's website first in search results, resulting in an increase of your website traffic.

Free SEO Audit

Our Wix SEO Experts will help you, to analyze the problems of your Website and give you a report of your website's status quo. We offer a broad choice of paid SEO tools to deliver our client's most in-depth examination of their websites. Our initial analysis of your website is free, contact us today and our SEO experts will take care of your needs.

On-page SEO Services

SEO has many facets and one of them is on-page optimization. Our SEO experts take care of the meta title, meta description, and meta tags of your landing pages to ensure a higher ranking. We also offer image optimization, external and internal linking, and many other SEO methods to make your website optimal for the Google algorithm.

Analysis & Reporting

To provide our customers with the transparency they need and stay up to date, we share a report of your website at regular periods. We constantly analyze your website to get the best out of our SEO services and provide you with the most important key performance indicators.

Free Support

We offer free support with any kind of regular search console issues or errors. Our premium plan comes with a complimentary zoom session.

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Micheal M

“I had tried other SEO companies in the past and all I got were excuses. This is a breath of fresh air. They have been able to boost my rankings, which has increased my traffic. “

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“ Wix Solution has done a tremendous job with our website. They have boosted our traffic and improved our rankings on Google, which is great for business. I would recommend WiX to anyone who needs help with SEO.“

Mary Watson

“ Earlier this year I tried several Wix SEO services and was surprised at how quickly I could see a change in my Google rankings. Also, the reporting works perfectly and gives me a great overview. “

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